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Primavera Residences

Primavera Residences - It is the first eco-friendly 10-storey two-tower residential and commercial building in Cagayan de Oro City. It is located in the Misamis Oriental province of Mindanao, the Philippine's second largest island. The buildings were the first in Cagayan de Oro constructed following the principles of green architecture. Both buildings include an inner green courtyard and terrace for natural ventilation and lighting. Both has solar panels for additional energy production and brise-soleil, a sun-shading technique, for solar heat reduction.

Features & Amenities  - First eco-friendly building in Cagayan de Oro • Residents save as much as 32% on their energy consumption • Has green features such as photovoltaic solar panels, green inner courtyard, and window-shading facade for natural ventilation and lighting • Superstructure that can withstand earthquakes and typhoons • Natural airflow to all units • Modern offices near banks, shops, restaurants and recreation centers • State-of-the-art facilities • Modern comfort, world-class standards • Multi-Purpose Hall for meetups, meetings and parties • Gym, free to use for residents • Indoor salt-water Swimming Pool, wonderful on hot days.

primavera residences

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Primavera City

Primavera City - It is a condominium project comprising of seven mixed-use residential and commercial buildings with passive and active green features, utilizing a massive solar panel array at the building’s rooftop. The combination of natural ventilation, solar energy, external louvers, water recycling, rain harvesting, and other green features make Primavera City a landmark in sustainable development. The total amount of CO2 emissions that will be offset by Primavera City is equal to the effect of planting around 20,000 trees. A natural way to refresh your home . The building's design increases natural ventilation and decreases aircon energy consumption. The design simulation have calculated that the rate of air circulation will increase up tp 100% as compared to a regular building.

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Take Your Electricity From The Sun.

Primavera City is a pioneering concept in producing and distributing renewable energy. Envisioned as a partially self-sustaining power eco-system, it uses a massive, built-in array of photovoltaic panels.
Primavera City will generate a substantial amount of its power requirements on-site.

Primavera City Rooftop with Solar Panels
Primavera City Rooftop with Solar Panels

A Safe And Profitable Investment.

Investing in your own condominium unit is a safe and profitable investment whether you buy to live-in, you buy to rent-out or you buy for corporate housing needs.

Here is why:

Hassle-free Property Management:

Own an asset that generates recurring profits;

Earn up to 7% Return On Investment/year (net);

Apply rental income to cover monthly amortization payments.

Units may be rented and managed on behalf of the owner by our in house Property and Asset Management Team.

Damiani Property Management And Services, Inc.
Damiani Property Management And Services, Inc.

Green Building = Higher Value:

Greater property appreciation;

More demand for your asset and easy reselling;

Higher resale value.

Units will enjoy steady appreciation and consistently higher resale value than traditional condominiums. Tenants will also enjoy significant savings on their utility and maintenance costs

Passive Green Design
Passive Green Design

Big Savings With Lower Utility Cost:

Save up to 28% on the cost of air-conditioning;

Lower overall power cost due to natural light and natural ventilation;

Lower water consumption.

Less energy needed to cool your unit, less water needed to maintain the property, and renewable energy straight from the building’s own roof: residents of Primavera City will profit overall from these efficient, in-built systems.

Active Green Design
Active Green Design

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