Wish I learned to blog along time ago

I am running a real estate website for nine long years now, and it has been my only way of finding real estate buyers here in Cagayan de Oro City, the northernmost part of Mindanao, in the Philippines. By the way, allow me to introduce myself to you readers and visitors to this blog. My name is Manny de Lara; I am a licensed real estate service practitioner here in the Philippines. I practice my profession heavily by way of online marketing. I have been receiving a lot of traffic to my website for the last few years since I ran it in the Internet. It has been the lone portal where I get my real estate clients; buyers and sellers alike. It also made me retired from my insurance job at the early age of 50. The following years are all about selling real estates, and fortunately; online marketing made me a good real estate professional since then. Until the introduction of Google's various algorithms slowly lessened the traffic, I am getting. This made me decide to set up this blog, which I realized that from the very start, could have helped a lot in the search engine optimization of my site. I have to admit, not taking advantage of this media platform is my biggest mistake in my career.
Now, I am hoping to get back the traffic that my site was enjoying from the beginning and be on the right track again pretty soon. I decided to make 'City Life in Cagayan de Oro' the main topic of this blog because I understand that I have to picture out to my readers and prospective buyers what it is in store for them exactly right here in Cagayan de Oro, "The City of Golden Friendship."

I hope you'll enjoy reading this short introduction and the rests my forthcoming blogs.

All the best!